Q: How is Tae Kwon Do different than other Martial Arts?
A: Tae Kwon Do is best characterized by its amazingly powerful and effective kicking techniques. Additional flowing, graceful movements provide a wide range of self-defense capabilities.

Q: Am I or my loved ones too old or too young for training?
A: Students ranging from ages 4 to 70 train at the school in classes designed for various age groups and levels of proficiency.

Q: Will my child become a bully or too aggressive?
A: Tae Kwon Do builds confidence and the strict, traditional guidelines as taught by Master Hur prohibit any offensive use of techniques, whatsoever! Children learn to control their actions with strong will and determination.

Q: How long must I train in order to defend myself?
A: This depends on the individual’s time and effort, but excellent results are seen in a short amount of time. Other benefits such as better health, increased energy and a feeling of accomplishment begin immediately.

Q: How can I find out more about Tae Kwon Do?
A: Min Hur’s Tae Kwon Do School has an Introductory Program that offers an inexpensive, first-hand look at this Martial Art. Classes are semi-private to insure personalized attention.

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